A good, clean and precise cut is one of the most important characteristics of any knife.
There are knives for fruit, fish, meat and cheese, for example, and each one has to provide the perfect cut so, this is why the Majorca Daily Bulletin is offering its readers this wonderful opportunity to get their hands on a set of butcher's knives and utensils from Kitchen Pro, one of the most advanced and ergonomic brands on the market.

The set
The complete collection consists of 16 items including steak knives and forks for six diners, kitchen shears, a kitchen fork, a frozen food knife, a butcher's knife and a pair of meat tongs. But, that is not all.

The collection can be completed with a bamboo cutting board and a special storage drawer.
All of the utensils are made using the highest quality rustproof steel and have been especially designed to deliver the perfect clean cut. The offer will be launched on Saturday, February 18 when the first two-pack containing a steak knife and fork will be available with your copy of the Majorca Daily Bulletin at kiosks for just 1 euro 50 cents when you present the coupon published in the newspaper.

The offer will then continue every Friday and Saturday in kiosks until March 24 for 1 euro 80 cents with the purchase of the paper.
The cutting board will be available at any time at a cost of 9 euros, all you have to do is reserve one at your local kiosk.
If you are a subscriber, you can get your hands on the complete offer for just 26 euros. All you have to do is book your order by calling 971 788400 and then you can collect the kitchen collection from the Subscribers' Club in Palma (Paseo Mallorca 30), from our office in Inca (calle Manacor 4) or from our office in Manacor (Avenida Salvador Juan, 17).