Palma.—The widespread cut backs carried out by the Balearic government have meant that the size of the Local Police force in Majorca has been drastically reduced.

In fact, the latest figures show that the Local Police force has not been as small since 2006.
The data has been collated by the Balearic School for Public Administration and the National Statistics Institute, and Majorca, for example needs at least 260 more Local Police.

In 2006, the Majorcan population was 790'763, but today it stands at 873'414, just over ten percent higher.
And, back in 2006, there were 2'096 members of the Local Police in Majorca, at the moment, the total strength of the force is 2'049.
The main reason for the reduction in the number of Local Police are the cuts the government has been forced to make to combat the recession.
No new Local Police have been hired and those who have retired over the past few years, have not been replaced.
What is more, the tourist police force has been significantly down graded despite the millions of holiday makers who come to Majorca creating a very large floating population.

In Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera the number of Local Police has actually been slightly increased. It is only Majorca where there has been the cull and even Balearic government sources have been forced to admit that the number of Local Police should be higher in Majorca, especially in view of the growth in population and the high number of visitors to the island. So serious is the situation that trained volunteers are helping neighbourhood police in conflictive areas such as Son Gotleu.