POLICE officers in the Drug Squad have arrested three people, after months spent investigating a group who allegedly brought 50 kilogrammes of hashish into Majorca. The drug was confiscated. The three people, a couple from Gerona and a resident living in Son Gotleu were arrested for bringing drugs into Palma by using ferries from Barcelona. They allegedly had large quantities of hashish hidden in two cars and in a sports bag, according to information released yesterday by the Director General of Police. The accused were arrested after a car chase through the streets of Palma. They have been held responsible for acquiring the drugs from Gerona and also of hiding the hashish in the inner panels, seating and spare tyre of the cars that were driven from Barcelona to Palma. The other accused, a resident in Son Gotleu, Palma was arrested at his home after the police had observed his alleged involvement in the drug-trafficking. The accused is a man, 39 years old, who has been accused of numerous other past drug offences. Yesterday the Guardia Civil presented the three accused before a judge and all were remanded in custody.