PUIGPUNYENT council (Majorca) had won first prize in the competition for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability run by the power company Gesa Endesa. The prize is 40'000 euros, half in actual money and half in materials to achieve the projects started by the prize winner, which is a condition of the prize. The second and third prizes, of 30'000 and 20'000 euros respectively, subject to the same conditions as the first prize, were won by the councils of Manacor and Vilafranca. The results were announced yesterday by the company. The competition aims to increase awareness of the efficient use of energy in local corporations “as amplifiers for the citizens” and through the prizes to try to “encourage improvements in efficiency, saving and optimisation of energy” and to facilitate the incorporation of renewable energies. As for the Puigpunyent council, they have put in place things like substituting normal bulbs in street lamps for energy saving ones which also reduce light contamination. They have also started campaigns for the installation of solar panels to heat water and for other forms of renewable energy.