OVER 200 exchange students took their seats at the Balearic University yesterday.
This year, a total of 218 students have come to Majorca to study as part of the Socrates-Erasmus and Sicue-Seneca exchange programmes and yesterday all attended a special welcome meeting headed by the deputy rector of the International Relations faculty, Nativitat Juaneda.

The majority of the exchange students are from Germany and Italy, but there are also students from the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Poland, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

Over half of the students have enrolled with the Human and Social Sciences faculty while others are studying Economics, Law, Science and Technology and Health Sciences.

But, it is not all one-way traffic at the University.
227 Balearic University students have headed off on international exchange programmes. Most have got to study at universities in either Germany or Italy but some have chosen the United Kingdom, Argentina, France and Austria and nearly all are studying in similar faculties.