BETWEEN 15 and 20 percent of the hotel places available on Majorca are obsolete, fail to meet current standards demanded by the Tourism industry, and are reported to be threatening the overall image of Majorca as a holiday destination. They are also undermining the success of those hotels which have complied with government quality rulings in securing business from tour operators.

Hotel companies say the number of hotel places on Majorca which fall into this run-down category number around 20'000 but others put it as high as 35'000. It is not the first time that the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation and other hotel associations have been up in arms about this issue. But with a government mandate now in place which is allowing hoteliers to upgrade and modernise their premises with the added advantage of being able to cut corners in the usual bureaucratic queue, the key federation voices are now crying out for this to be done so that the Island remains a top holiday destination in the face of non-Euro zone competition.

Essentially, the modernised quality hotels say that they cannot compete price-wise with the low grade offers. The Majorcan Hoteliers' Federation said yesterday: “With the green light from the regional government enabling building reforms to begin on these run-down premises, it's important that the owners take responsibility for their “out of date” properties and fall in line with rulings on quality of accommodation, facilities and service.”