STAFF REPORTER A special Committee has been set up by Palma City Council to map out a list of buildings which are most likely to cause a risk to public safety either because of age or structural deficiency.

The decision to set up the working party was agreed by the City Council following the collapse of a block of flats in Calle Rodriguez Arias in Palma in October last year which killed seven people as they slept.

A spokesman for the Council said that the new Committee, which will operate for less than a year, will embrace all political groups. The working party will meet the first Monday of every week and will include a technical sub-committee and a political one. Yesterday's first meeting decided that the President and Vice-President will be named at the next session.

The City Council has reported that 2'871 buildings are listed in Palma as being obliged to undergo periodic technical inspection. From the start of 2009 and up until the end of January this year, 1'195 have been examined, 40.6 percent of the total.

Town Planning Councillor, Yolanda Garvi said that this leaves 1'676 buildings in Palma erected prior to 1900 or which are listed which still haven't been inspected even though bylaws dictated they should have been surveyed by the end of last year.