Palma.—A 56-year-old man and his two pet dogs died on Saturday after becoming asphyxiated by a heating brazier in a spare room off the victim's garage at his home in Son Ferrer, Calvia.

According to the autopsy results, Blas Justicia Garcia, and his dogs were starved of oxygen as they slept with the heater on.
His body was found by his wife on Saturday evening who called the emergency services immediately but there was nothing paramedics could have done to have saved his life.

Two incidents
This was one of two incidents provoked by the cold over the weekend, but the only fatal one.
On Sunday night, a mother and daughter were over come by carbon monoxide fumes at their home in Palma.
The two women, aged 52 and 25, were found close to death by the son when he came home at 10.30pm.
They were both rushed to hospital while the Local Police inspected the property to discover the cause.
Initially, they suspected the fumes would have come from a heater but in fact, the two women had been burning bars of vegetable fuel in a large saucepan to try and combat the freezing temperatures.