Palma.—So far, this month is proving slightly colder than usual in the Balearics.
According to the Balearic Met. Office yesterday, the average maximum temperatures so far this month have been between 10ºC and 11ºC, an average of 1ºC below the normal temperatures for this time of year.

The Director of the Balearic Met. Office, Maria Jose Guerrero, said yesterday that although this month is proving to be slightly colder than usual “it has not set any new records yet.” Over the past two days, the maximum temperatures have been 13ºC and 14ºC, one to two degrees below the average.
However, the minimums are not dropping to a low as usual although there were four days of earlier morning freezes and a light dusting of snow in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains last week.

For the past two days, the Balearic is in the grip of a new cold front but while it may bring the isolated outbreaks of rain and hail, Guerrero said they will not be particularly heavy.

What has overshadowed this month's weather so far have been the gale force winds which again the region was on weather for yesterday with gusts of 100 kilometres per hour expecd in Sierra de Alfabia.

The good news is that, as of this afternoon, there will be a break in the bad weather and it will continue until Friday evening when another cold front with hit the region.