Palma.—One of Spain's most influential union leaders, Candido Mendez, Secretary General of the UGT General Workers' Union, announced in Palma yesterday that unions across Spain and Europe are currently studying calling for EU-wide strike action on March 13 and 14.

Mendez said that there is a massive sense of shared anger against the austerity measures which have been introduced by European governments as they try to combat the continuing recession.

The UGT boss said that it is time that Europe as whole takes to the streets to defend its rights and jobs.
According to Mendez, at the last meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Confederation of Unions, there was nearly unanimous support for European-wide industrial action and now is the time “because most leaders are failing to defend the democratic rights of their people.” “We need to take out protest up a notch, to a European-wide level in order for the politicians to listen to the millions of people who are not happy with how they are being treated,” he said. “There is a high level of social unhappiness as well and politicians need to be made aware of just how angry the general public is,” he added.