THE Anglican Church in Palma announced this week that it has reached its target figure of 150'000 euros for its Disabled Access Fund, thanks to an anonymous private donor. Members of the congregation had already raised two thirds of the amount, when a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, stepped in with the 50'000 euros needed to reach the target. The appeal was originally opened two years ago, when an architect was appointed and plans drawn up for a ramp, a lift giving access to both the Church and Coleman Hall, proper toilets for the disabled and ancillary services. Work started in January and is due to be completed by Easter and was needed because like all public buildings, the Church has had to implement EEC regulations, under which all public buildings should provide access for the disabled. Appeal Chairman, Edward Ingram, said yesterday: “I am astonished that we have been able to complete the appeal in such a short time. We had always hoped to hit our target by June this year, and it was only in January that we launched a public appeal once the Church members themselves had raised 95'000 euros. “We felt we had to show our own commitment before we could ask for help from other people”.
The balance was given last week by a private donor.
Chaplain Robert Ellis, expressing his thanks, said: “This is the result of a lot of very hard work by Church members and other individual donations from people who can see the importance of providing proper access for the disabled.” He went on to say “in all honesty, the original architect who designed the church could not have made life more difficult for us, building on three levels as he did. “It is like living on a building site at the moment but I know it will all be worthwhile in the end. My impression is that if people feel something is worth doing, then they will make sure the money is found. “I am just so glad that I won't ever again have to hear the phrase ‘Disabled Access Fund'!”