THE Danish Consulate in the centre of Palma has adopted “special security measures” after the damage suffered at various Consulates in Islamic countries, following the controversial caricature of the Prophet Mohammad. The Danish Ambassador to Spain, Nils Pultz, said that “various precautions” had been taken at the Palma consulate, but did not go into details “for security reasons.” He did, however, stress, that no threats had been received. “I don't think there will be any problems,” the Ambassador said, adding that the Consulate is in contact with various Danish citizens, to make sure they have no problems. He added that the Danish colony in the Balearics fluctuates according to the season, although it has dropped considerably since the 1980s, when there were thousands of Danish residents. The extra security measures at the Consulate in Palma are due to the wave of protests over recent weeks, which have led to Danes being urged to leave Indonesia, the world's most popular Muslim country, and Iran announcing that it was severing trade ties with Denmark. Danish flags and pictures of the Danish prime minister have been burned in some cities.