THE Trasmediterránea ferry company is seeking the concession for the new passenger terminal due to be built in the port of Palma.
According to company chairman Juan Saez, it will lead to a “significant increase” in the number of passengers between the Peninsula and Majorca.
The new terminal depends on the approval of the Master Plan for the port, which will govern its development for the next 30 years. It has to be approved by the central government, with agreement from the regional government and the Palma city council. Saez said it was very important for the ferry company to take part in the development of the port of Palma.
He added that the cargo transport service had improved and from 6am, “seven kilometres of lorries supply goods to the port of destination, in the islands, or in the Peninsula.” Saez also said that the company plans to buy another fast ferry which will be brought into service in the summer. “We have realised that people want to take less time in reaching their destination,” he said.