THE ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Palma, three of the busiest in the Mediterranean, have put in place security measures similar to those in airports to control all passengers and their luggage. The central Government delegates in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearics, Joan Rangel, Antoni Bernabe and Ramon Socias respectively, met yesterday in Barcelona to exchange information about security measures in ports and to coordinate the mechanisms to improve them. Rangel explained, during a visit to inspect security measures in Barcelona port, that the objective is that Spanish ports “will be equal” in their security systems “and will have the same as the airports”. “Barcelona is at the moment one of the most secure ports and all the operators say that the security measures in the port work to perfection” said Rangel, who attributed this good security to the spectacular rise in the number of tourist cruises which call in at Barcelona. The port has consolidated its place as the principal destination and origin of European tourist cruises.