By H. Carter

POLICE investigating the brutal murder of a woman who had cut hair placed in both hands in Bournemouth have ruled out links with the brutal murder of Yvonne O'Brien at her home in the family resort of Alcudia in the north of Majorca.

Dorset police inquiries with Spanish police via Interpol” to check any DNA links with the murder of Yvonne O'Brien in 1999. O'Brien, of West Yorkshire, was stabbed and mutilated in Majorca. Her stomach had been cut open and she was found hanging in her villa in Puerto de Alcudia.

The Spanish words for “love”, “sex” and “peace” were scrawled on a wall in her blood.
A Dorset Police spokesman said: “At this time we do not believe there is link between the murders of Heather Barnett and Yvonne O'Brien.
Heather Barnett, 48, was found by her children, then 11 and 14, stabbed at home in Bournemouth, Dorset, in 2002.
At the start of the month, police sources here in Majorca revealed that Interpol were apparently chasing up a new suspect in the O'Brien case and that the Guardia Civil had been asked to revise all its evidence.

There were claims of an arrest being imminent in the UK and that the suspect was “someone extremely close to O'Brien.” As the tenth anniversary of the murder looms, the case remains open.