THOSE suffering from allergies won't be pleased to hear that a pollen count watchdog announced yesterday that readings in the Balearics show that Cyprus tree pollen levels are starting to swell.

Marzia Boi, head of the Islands' Aerobiological Network warned that those who are particularly affected by the nature of this type of pollen should take preventative measures because by the end of the month, levels will have risen even further. She recommended taking antihistamine under medical supervision. Boi explained that trees - including banana and olive - are going to come into flower earlier this year due to the winter drought. Cyprus trees blossoming are the first heralds of spring but they will be followed quickly by other varieties. The end of March signals the arrival of waves of pine tree pollen which sets in motion the so-called “yellow rain” - there is no need for sufferers to worry about this, said Boi, as it only irritates the eyes.