MARRATXI AWARE of its commitment to increasing security on the island's railway lines, the Majorcan Railway Service (SFM) has set up a “traffic light” system for pedestrians wanting to cross the track from one platform to another at the station at Marratxi's industrial estate.

New bylaws introduced by the regional Transport and Environment ministry are intending to do away with pedestrian and vehicle level crossings but the “traffic lights” will make crossing the lines safer until the time comes for the walkway to be done away with completely.

Separately, the SFM explained yesterday that over the past few months, it has set up luminous signalling systems for the benefit of train drivers who will instantly be able to tell if there is to be a track change. Until now, the points system has automatically directed trains to the appropriate line but with the new signalling, drivers will know in advance if the rolling stock is to be diverted.

In further moves to promote safety, the SFM Land the Transport and Environment ministry to which it reports have installed fire-fighting and emergency exit equipment in train carriages.