By Humphrey Carter

THE former Minister for Tourism and ex-leader of the Majorcan Unionist Party, Miguel Nadal, yesterday avoided jail by meeting the 100'000 euros bail set last Saturday.

His successor as party leader, Miguel Nagel Flaquer also paid his 100'000 euros as did the ex-Balearic government Director Generals, also from the UM party, Antoni Oliver and Joan Sastre.

The UM member and accountant at the Inestur Institute for Tourism Strategy, the focus of the Operation Vulture investigation into alleged corruption, Alvaro Llompart, met his 75'000 bail.

The lawyers defending the five all met the 1pm deadline to meet bail and on leaving the Via Alemania court house, all of them told the media that they intend to appeal against the preventative action which has been taken against the suspects such as the withdrawal of their passports, having to report to the court every two weeks and seek special judicial permission to leave the country.

The lawyers denied that their was any risk of any of their clients fleeing the country.
The former Minister for Tourism and leader of the UM, Miguel Nadal, could face charges of misappropriating public funds and administrative prevarication as a result of Operation Vulture.

He is, however, also implicated in two other alleged corruption scandals which led to his resignation before Christmas.
Miguel Angel Flaquer faces possible charges of administrative fraud and embezzlement.