STAFF REPORTER THE Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, said yesterday that it had been constitutionally feasible for the Balearic government's main opposition party, the Partido Popular (PP), to seek an official end to the present coalition government since the term of office began in 2007.

She added that it is now quite “legitimate” that the PP use their right to call an election and oust the ruling Socialist pact from government considering the left-wing coalition is in a minority in government, the Council of Majorca and Palma City Council.

She said that she is having meetings with the main opposition party and other Parliamentary groups, because it has always been an “obligation” and now - in the face of political crisis - “even more so.” The Mayor said that the City Council was currently experiencing an “exceptionally abnormal” political crisis which meant that it was critical that the ruling party kept contact with other political groups. She pointed to the willingness of the Partido Popular to reciprocate her wish to maintain good relations.

Calvo refused to be drawn however, on the outcome of her meeting with Palma's PP leader, Jose Maria Rodriguez, making reference only to the need for “discretion.” She said that although the last week in politics had been particularly “intense,” she would continue to work to “improve the quality of life for the people of Palma.” Regarding her plans to oust Cristina Cerdò as President of the municipal cleaning company Emaya, Calvo said that a date for a shareholders' meeting at which a new head would be elected had still not been set.