THE Balearic Socialist Party (PSIB) yesterday said the European Union's proposal to include sustainable tourism within the remit of EU Constitution will help to balance out the “extreme politics” of the Balearic Government. Socialist spokesman Celesti Alomar said yesterday that Balearic leader Jaume Matas should not be afraid of the forthcoming European Union (EU) debate on the need for environmental taxation in EU countries. Alomar was accompanied by Eurodeputy Teresa Riera, who highlighted the “advances” that this EU Constitution will bring to Europe, particularly in tourism, which will for the first time be recognised as the object of complementary policies by the EU. Alomar said he hoped that the new status which this will give tourism will go some way in balancing out the “extreme politics” of the Balearic government. He claimed they favour large companies to the detriment of smaller businesses. Matas's government repealed the tourist tax introduced by the previous coalition. Alomar challenged him not to shrink from the debate on an environmental tax to finance the huge investments needed for a more sustainable form of tourism, respectful of the environment. Spain will hold a referendum on the Constitution on February 20, but non-Spanish EU residents are not eligible to vote in it.
Tourism represents 6pc of the Gross Domestic Product in the EU and 11pc in Spain.