Demolici | Jaume Quir

By Irene Taylor ONE of the most emblematic buildings in the port of Soller, at the former naval base, was demolished yesterday, despite widespread protests. Local fishermen had said yesterday they would not remove their nets from in front of the building, as they had not been officially informed of the demolition, nor had a new place been found for them. But their protests had no effect and the heavy machinery moved in, reducing the building to a pile of rubble. Many Bulletin readers had written letters to the Editor, when the fate of the building was first announced. The building was a well known landmark, its elegant façade with its many arches making it a favourite subject for photographers. The demolition was carried out by the firm Nuevos Puertos Deportivos SL, which will put a new building up in its place and run it and the quay for the next 28 years. The demolition is part of plans to modernise the port, which have included the construction of a new road to the oratory of San Ramon de Penyafort. Critics, including architects, claim that the building could have been saved and adapted to new uses. However, pleas fell on deaf ears, and now it is too late.