THE plan for the prevention of drug taking in the schools and among students begun a month ago has led to 21 arrests in Inca, according to the central Government's delegate, Ramon Socias. The Security council of Inca met at the request of Socias to evaluate the first 30 days of the programme of clamping down on drug trafficking. “The collaboration between the local police and the Guardia Civil has been very good and we have these initial results which are, on the one hand, worrying, but on the other hand show the effectiveness of the plan and the possibility of combatting the problem” said Socias. He said that “children should not be criminalised” if they take drugs and said he was in favour of a reform in the law “which allows us to exchange fines for community work”. Socias announced that this modification to the law was being analysed by central Government which is “very positive” because “in these cases fines are always paid by the parents so the child is not corrected, but if they are made to visit a drug rehabilitation centre, this will be more effective as they will see the consequences of drug taking”.