POWER supply company Endesa said yesterday that it has plans to expand the natural gas network in the Balearics, when the economy and local bylaws permit.

Confirming their long term strategy to regional President Francesc Antich yesterday, Endesa's Chief Executive Borja Prado and head of the company's advisory board in the Balearics, Feliciano Fuster Jaume, detailed their investment plans which included not just the natural gas project but also other power generation schemes. “The whole of our programme,” said Prado, “will nevertheless be subject to the economic climate and the state of local planning regulations.”

Yesterday's meeting was the first that Antich had held with Endesa's new advisory board chief. Bartomeu Reus formerly held the position until his implication in the Palma Arena scandal along with ex Balearic President Jaume Matas forced his resignation last October.

The director of Endesa for Spain and Portugal, José Bogas, was also present at yesterday's meeting, giving assurances to President Antich of the company's ability to provide a response to the region's power supply needs over the coming years.