PEOPLE in the Balearic Islands spend an average of 2.2 hours per week having sex and 60 percent of people interviewed in the region said their sex life was “satisfactory” researchers for pharmaceutical company Pfizer said yesterday.

However, the same nationwide poll, conducted amongst 3'000 Spaniards aged between 25 and 70, revealed that 80 percent of interviewees claimed their sex life could be better. The study reported that for people in the Balearics, sex was one of life's priorities. As a result, some 81 percent are interested in improving their intimate relations and “overcoming” any barriers to healthy sex. According to the research, 25 percent of those polled admitted to having had some “problem” with their partner.

In contrast said researchers, many people in the Balearics are not happy speaking about issues related to sex and the Islands were positioned as one of the regions of the country least likely to do so. Only 13 percent apparently discuss sex on a regular basis with friends, compared to a national average of 17 percent.