THE majority of fines which were slapped on hired cars last year (63 percent) were related to breaking parking laws, Vehicle Fleet Hire company ALD Automotive reported yesterday.

The most common cause of incurring a fine was due to drivers leaving a vehicle in places where parking is banned, to leaving the car for a period longer than permitted in a parking zone or to not having bought a ticket to be displayed in car windows where paying for parking is compulsory.

The second most common reason for hired car motorists being fined last year (24 percent) was for speeding. The third highest number of fines were given out to motorists who broke road safety regulations in built-up areas. Four out of every five fines were handed out in towns.

However, the fines for talking on a mobile phone whilst driving or being behind the wheel after having been drinking were apparently minimal, amounting to less than one percent of the total said ALD Automotive.

Drivers who were fined had to pay an average of 103 euros, slightly less than the national figure which averaged out at 105 euros per fine.