MOST Spaniards are preferring to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day by visiting other parts of Spain this year, choosing to holiday the weekend prior to 14th February, internet flight search engine reported yesterday.

Making its assessment from 20'000 searches made on its website, claimed that 56 percent were looking for flights in national destinations whilst 41 percent were looking to travel overseas.

Of the 10 most popular holiday destinations, 6 were in Spain: Madrid (22%) and Barcelona (16%) were the most sought-after followed by Seville (10%), Palma (4.5%) and Santiago de Compostela (4%).

Meanwhile, favourite overseas destinations included Paris (17%) and London (16%). Another romantic holiday location, said the website is Venice (5%) which has now become one of the top five getaway spots outside Spain for Spanish nationals. The remaining two are Rome (9%) and Amsterdam (7%).

However, the website claimed that only 3 percent of people looking for a Saint Valentine's Day break were planning to travel outside Europe. By far the most popular destination in this bracket is Morocco, attracting 56 percent of holiday-makers using to make reservations.