By Humphrey Carter PALMA

THE escalation of rural crime appears to be continuing in Majorca with a spate of vineyards being the latest target.
After months of crop robberies and thefts of building material equipment and material from sites in rural areas, the National Police yesterday confirmed that a man has been arrested in connection with a series of robberies of expensive and quality wines and liqueurs from a number of vineyards in the Manacor area.

According to the police, many of the stolen bottles have been recovered from the suspect's home where police also found a rifle and ammunition.
Not only does the suspect face charges of theft, breaking and entering, he also faces charges of illegal possession of a weapon and ammunition.
The investigation into the recent spate of vineyard robberies was mounted by the National Police in Manacor and, after a lengthy investigation, police managed to finally identify the suspect, search the property and recover part of the stolen goods.

Manacor police have also arrested two other individuals in connection with a break in at a local bar.
The two men were actually caught red handed by a routine Local Police patrol as they were trying to rob the inside of the establishment.
Both men were taken to the National Police station in Manacor and the two men were last night waiting to appear before the duty magistrate.
Over the past few weeks, all of the security forces in rural parts of Majorca have intensified their activities after a crime wave has spread across the region over the past six months.

Farmers were even forced to mount their own gangs of vigilantes to protect their crops.
Now, however, the police have stepped in to protect valuable crops and building sites.