Palma.—There seems to be no let up in the Siberian winter the Balearics is in the grip of and yesterday, after a meeting with the emergency services and the head of the Balearic Met. office, Agusti Jansa, the Minister for Education Rafael Bosch announced that because of the short term forecast for the next two days, all extra curriculum activities have been suspended but school will remain open.

Yesterday, parents in the Tramuntana, Estellencs, Esporles and Banyalbufar had trouble reaching the schools because of the thick snow, some of the school busses were unable to get through at all and a handful of children ended up spending the day at home, but Bosch said that no major incidents were reported and that by mid-afternoon only five roads remained closed on the island, in particular the Soller side of the tunnel which was closed for much of the morning.

More snow
Jansa said after the meeting that the snow line should have lifted to around 400 metres come last night but conditions remain unsettled for the next few days with temperatures forecast to plummet to zero again on Saturday when more widespread snow is forecast.

With regards to the mid-term weather forecast Bosch said that his department are receiving regular updates from the Met. office and are in constant contact with the emergency services and local councils in the event of the situation taking a turn for the worse next week and some schools having to be closed.

By the time the teams sat down for the meeting at 10.30, the 112 emergency centre had already received 163 telephone calls since opening with the majority of people wanting to know about the state of the roads.

Traffic warning
112 sources said yesterday that it is an emergency service, not an information service and that the Council of Majorca has set up special Facebook and Twitter sites for anyone searching for transport information.

The Council of Majorca's main road and transport website is
The traffic department has urged people to only go out if it is necessary and if they do, to drive with extreme due care and attention, leave plenty of space between vehicles and make sure you are carrying a full tank of petrol, and a well charged mobile telephone in case you have to call 112 in the event of an emergency - and only an emergency.

Vehicle owners are also advised to park in a safe area where, in the event of a heavy storm over the next few days, their vehicles does not get trapped by flood water or damaged by flying objects from nearby terraces and balconies.

In the event of a storm, home owners should make sure all doors and windows are properly closed.
The Council of Majorca is advising people to have a well stocked first aid kit handy at home, that the radio is working and that torches are fitted with new batteries.

The public is also being asked to try and use the telephone as little as possible to avoid the network getting over loaded.