Palma.—Members of “Aviba” officially complained yesterday that airlines which are now operating on air routes previously run by grounded airline Spanair have put up the tariffs.

Sylvia Riera, the President of Aviba, said yesterday that the prices have gone up as a a direct result of the closure of Spanair at the end of last month. “It is deplorable,” she said “particularly as the increases will largely affect people living in the Balearic Islands who want connections with the mainland or other regional airports.” Riera said that she and other members of Aviba were aware that other airlines which have “stepped into the shoes” of Spanair have had to cope with an unforeseen situation but that it is time for the fares to go back to what they were before the collapse of the carrier. “People need the air connections in the same way as they might other public services,” claimed Riera. “The airlines which are now operating the old Spanair routes need to adapt to demand,” she furthered.

Riera had made the feelings of her members known at the most recent meeting of the Air Transport Board. She qualified her criticism, however, by saying she was “confident” that airlines would revise their tariffs and resume the prices which were being offered prior to the collapse of Spanair on 31st January .

The airline's closure has also had an effect on the winter travel programme of Imserso, which annually has provided discount holidays to registered Spanish pensioners. The grounding will also affect a similar travel scheme for senior citizens from across the European Union. Riera said that both Imserso and the EU scheme organisers have had to reallocate seats for clients with other airlines.