Palma.— Environment Director on the Council of Majorca, Catalina Soler, confirmed yesterday that the paperwork had already been started to enable the private sector to bid for the disposal contract.

Territory Councillor Mauricio Rovira, said Soler, is now responsible for modifications to existing legislation which was reportedly due to have started last year.

The Council of Majorca wants a private company to handle the builders' waste disposal but will continue to oversee operations to make sure the provider offers a fully acceptable service.

Once changes to current arrangements have been made official, the Council will rescind the contract that it holds with the company “Mac Insular” which has been responsible for disposal since 2003.

Soler said that it was clear that the system to date had not been functioning properly as evidenced by the fact that there is so much fly-tipping of builders' rubble around the island.

Soler furthermore claimed that once the disposal is privatised, builders who need to process their rubble will be paying much less for the privilege.
Competition will mean cheaper services
Currently getting rid of a tonne of rubble costs 48 euros but Soler said that “Mac Insular” had asked for an increase in the tariffs which, had the request been approved, would have meant that builders would have been paying 152 euros a tonne.

Soler said that one of the options which the Council currently has “on the drawing board” to make the process cheaper for builders is to allow private companies to have their own landfill sites in which rubble could be disposed of and that such companies be officially registered as demolition material processors. “Competition between private companies will keep the prices down,” Soler claimed.
She also said that as a result of cheaper disposal rates, builders and demolishers will stop resorting to fly-tipping.