MOTORCYCLISTS want to beat the traffic jams by being allowed to use the bus and taxi lanes.
The request was made by the Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (Aemot), members of the Spanish Small and Medium Sized Businesses Association (PIMEM), who approached the Palma city council with the idea. They say such a move would let them cut through the traffic faster and with greater safety.
The association, whose chairman is Salvador Canudas, delivered this request to the councillor for Transport, Carlos Luis Veramendi..
Veramendi has asked the association for reports about the results of similar action taken in other large towns such as Barcelona.
Another of the motorcyclists' requests, according to sources at the association, is for a change in the paint which is used on zebra crossings.
They want this gradually changed from the paint used at the moment to anti-slip paint because the one used at the moment “poses a higher risk to two wheeled vehicles, especially when it rains”. During the course of the meeting, the councillor confirmed that motorbikes can park in restricted parking areas (ACIRE) as the restriction only affects four wheeled vehicles. The association congratulated the councillor on his “effective promotion” of the use of crash helmets, his anti-noise campaign and for having created a sufficient number of parking places for motorbikes of 125cc.