By Tim Fanning

MEMBERS and supporters of the Centro Canino are meeting this morning outside the animal refuge in a show of solidarity.
An injunction has prevented the closure of the centre today - the latest scheduled date for the arrival of council staff to take away the refuge's animals.

However, supporters have decided to meet this morning at 11pm anyway.
No ruling has yet been made on the centre by the judge hearing the case.
On Sunday, supporters of the centre will have a further opportunity to protest against the closure of the centre during a public demonstration organised by different animal rights organisations in Majorca scheduled for midday on the Borne in Palma “This is a demonstration, a general demonstration, for an end to cruelty to animals,” said Julie Ford, the Vice President of the Centro Canino.
According to Ford, hundreds of emails of support are continuing to arrive. She again thanked everyone who had contacted the centre.
Speaking to the Bulletin yesterday, she said that she had received one message from an animal welfare body in Uruguay. “I also had a call from the RSPCA,” she added. “They will be coming over as soon as they can.” “We are in constant contact with them.” The local media are continuing to run the story with reports in both the Majorcan press and television.
The Centro Canino has also been making national news in Spain, with a report featuring during the week on popular Spanish programme Gente.
A German camera crew is also in Palma making a programme about the Centro Canino.
Meanwhile, a group of British supporters of the Centro Canino has stepped up plans for a boycott of Palma. A website,, is threatening to drive a white van around the resorts of Majorca with pictures of some of the centre's animals on the side and the following message: “Palma Council have closed down a British-run dog rescue centre in Palma and taken ALL the dogs to be put to sleep. These dogs were healthy, loved and very well looked after. Please BOYCOTT PALMA and show that you do not support animal cruelty. Help us help the stray and abandoned dogs and cats of Mallorca. Please phone Palma Council on 971 225 900 and ask for Aina Calvo and tell her you support the dogs.” The website yesterday warned: “Again let me stress, we really don't want to pick a fight with Palma Council. Palma is a fantastic city & we love it. But if Palma Council close down the Centro Canino then we will use every trick in the book to shame them and persuade them to change their minds.”