STAFF REPORTER THREE lucky ticket holders on the Island jointly won a tidy sum yesterday - 105'000 euros - after purchasing coupons from one of “ONCE'S” Foundation for the Blind kiosks run by Salvador Botella.

The Foundation confirmed that Botella, who has been operating the lottery ticket sales stand since March of 2004, sold the three prize-winning coupons near Plaza de los Patines in Palma. Each of them won 35'000 euros for the purchaser.

ONCE has 1'250 people affiliated to it in the Balearics, 259 of whom are totally blind, with the rest suffering from other kinds of sight deficiencies. Of this number, 645 sell lottery tickets from designated kiosks. The Foundation profits are ploughed back into improving the quality of life of its members, including the integration of young people with sight afflictions into standard schools and colleges, and assistance with transport needs for the partially sighted.