THE dismembered body of a 53-year-old Bolivian woman, Maria Elena Salcedo Paredes, was found yesterday by detectives from the homicide squad on a property in Sa Rapita. She had been missing since the end of November last year.

The police are still searching for other body parts at the scene.

Salcedo Paredes had been working at a bar in Palma but she suddenly stopped turning up for her shifts at the end of November. Family and friends alerted the police who since that time had been searching in vain for the Bolivian woman.

Shortly after her disappearance, her husband and daughter suffered a serious motorcycle accident in La Paz, the Bolivian capital. People who knew Salcedo Paredes said they knew something “very bad” had happened to her for her not to have contacted her family at such a time.

Investigations led to the arrest of a friend of the victim, 43-year-old Luis Rodrigo Q.Q. who had reportedly been acting suspiciously at the time of her disappearance. Police tapping telephone lines and keeping a watch on the suspect eventually gathered enough evidence to determine that the missing woman had been killed and that her remains were on the El Paraiso housing estate in Sa Rapita.

The police are not ruling out further arrests.