THE Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo has opened up negotiations with electricity company Endesa about creating a network of “power points” around the capital for electric car users to recharge their vehicles.

Palma City Council has been busy working on an electric car project for many months and now the mayor wants to begin preparing a project to make the city electric-car friendly ahead of the anticipated electric car boom next year.

While electric cars are going to cost around 2.5 percent more than a normal vehicle, maintenance and fueling costs are significantly lower so, in the long term, they are more economically viable for the owners and kinder on the environment.

Recently, the Port Office unveiled its new fleet of electric vehicles for delivery men in the capital and Calvo hopes that consumers will follow suit once the electric car market opens up in 2012.

As part of the deal being struck between the council and Endesa, a special information office is going to be set up over the next three months at the power giant's new Sant Joan de Deu headquarters where interested consumers will be able to obtain all the information they require about electric cars.

Palma City Council currently has three electric cars as part of its fleet of official vehicles.