Soller.— “Soller, bon día” will be providing its own street theatre group to take part in the parade through the German town of Heimbach-Weis on 21st February, said Franz Kraus - one of the Soller businessmen organising the visit.

Kraus said that the group taking part in the parade from Soller will be dressed in traditional farmers' outfits and will be handing out some 2'000 kilos of oranges from the Soller Valley along with information leaflets about the area and its tourist offer. Those taking part in the delegation visiting Heimbach-Weis (in the Rhine region) on the 21st include representatives from Soller's hotel association, local traders, the Soller traincompany, and the town's Tourism councillor Catalina Pomar. All those going to Germany have a single aim in mind - to promote the Soller Valley, its produce and places of interest out of season. Unlike previous campaigns run to attract visitors to Soller, the delegation this year will be highlighting how people can enjoy themselves in Soller, even in February.

Kraus said that carnival traditions are taken particularly seriously in Heimbach-Weis to the extent that people even take holiday at this time of year. Around 60'000 will attend the parade a week from next Tuesday. He said that the delegation is therefore targeting this area, with the aim of persuading people to come to Majorca and see for themselves how carnival is celebrated in the Soller Valley.