Sa Rapita.—GOB spokesperson Margalida Ramis, said yesterday that the conservationist group is making no secret of the fact that if they can persuade the regional government to take another look at Majorca's territory plan, there still may be a chance to avoid the construction of a so-called “bio-climatic” hotel at Sa Rapita in Campos .

Ramis said that GOB is fully aware that the reportedly “discreet” design of the hotel has met with Council of Majorca guidelines and already forms part of the urban development plans of Campos. The land on which the hotel is to be built has already been categorised as suitable for construction.

But she said that this last ditch attempt by GOB comes in the wake of a campaign launched by environmental lobby “Salvem sa Rapita” which has managed to collect nearly 16'500 signatures on-line through website and deliver them to the regional Tourism ministry (pictured). All those who signed, said Ramis, were complaining about the fact that in whatever “eco-friendly” terms the hotel might be couched, the building will provide accommodation for 1'200 people at a distance of hardly 150 metres from the sea, spread over 20 hectares.

GOB said it cannot understand how the Council of Majorca which gave the green light for the project, under the previous Socialist coalition government, could back a project which will be located in an area which has already been subject to massive development in recent years.

The conservationists have also said that if the building is to go ahead, it will mean that protecting the unspoiled beach at Es Trenc is going to prove doubly difficult. Meanwhile, local businesses are supporting the development.