Joan Collins THE Majorca Railway Service (SFM) had more than three million passengers for the second consecutive year in 2005, which was a rise of 11 percent in comparison with 2004. Also, the Train Service Information and Coordination office received more than 83'700 enquiries. The Balearic Government said yesterday that the Majorcan Railway Service had a total of 3'457'192 passengers last year. With these figures, SFM has beaten its own record for the second year running, as in 2004 it had more than 3 million passengers for the first time. The number of passengers per kilometre also rose by 24.7 percent in 2005, from 60'111'489 in 2004 to 74'983'023. These figures show that the average length of each journey was 21.6 kilometres, while in 2004 it was 19.3. By months, in January there were 280'021 passengers, 265'701 in February, 293.243 in March, 312'725 in April, 318'326 in May, 299'091 in June, 290'090 in July, 260'027 in August, 275'824 in September, 303'480 in October, 298'648 in November and 260'016 in December. As for the type of tickets sold in 2005, a total of 1'314'182 normal tickets were sold (631'720 return); 332'377 special and blue card tickets; 1'600 student card tickets; and 139'602 tickets of other classifications. With regard to journeys made, 753'865 passengers travelled between Palma and Marratxi; 1'544'674 travelled between Palma and Inca; 256'531 between Palma and Sa Pobla; 532'603 between Palma and Manacor; and 369'519 bought a combined train/bus ticket. The Balearic Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport said that in 2005 it had made an “important” improvement in public transport and a “big investment” in the railway network. According to the Ministry this will mean: an increment in the frequency of trains; ten new train units; an improvement of the network, and the repair and improvement of the rail tracks between Palma and Inca and Inca and Sa Pobla. Other measures it has taken are: the elimination of level crossings; the reopening of the Sant Joan station; and improvements to the stations of Caulls and Inca; putting the tracks underground in Palma; and the construction of a metro between Palma and the University (UIB). The aim of the Government is to have a railway service of “maximum quality” with the “best service possible” and to encourage its use as an alternative to private vehicles. The result of this investment, according to the Government, is the rise in the number of passengers using the railways in 2005 for the second consecutive year. The Ministry also started the Bus and Train Service Information and Coordination Service in February 2005. It is open from 5.30am to 11.30pm every day of the year. During 2005 this service received a total of 83'738 enquiries, of which 24'474 were made by telephone (971 17 77 77) and 59'264 were made in person by visitors to the office situated in the bus station in Calle Eusebi Estada in Palma.