VIEWERS of British channels on satellite television in Majorca may soon have to renew their packages in order to retain certain channels.
Sean Connelly, of Palma's Ocean TV, said Sky was contractually obliged to change all viewing cards every five years, but last year's changeover was delayed because of the launch of competitor Freesat, owned by BBC and ITV. “Sky decided to delay their card change as this would also mean changing their Freesat from Sky cards, which are indispensible for watching channels 4 and 5 in Sky digiboxes. This saved Sky millions but now they will have to bring in the change from April,” he said.

He said the changeover could cause problems for Sky customers in Majorca who use a UK address to purchase their package. It is estimated that less than half of Sky viewers in the region will have a valid card by June.

Mr Connelly feels the changeover could create delays in obtaining the new cards. “Another problem is they will only work in genuine Sky digiboxes,” he said. Further details are available on