LOCAL estate agent, Robert Maunder, co-owner of Costa-den-Blanes based First Mallorca, joined the close to one million people on the streets of London yesterday calling for Britain and the United States to pull back from war against Iraq. “It's a very emotional occasion. There are people from all walks of life. It's like a cross section of Britain. I am so pleased that I came. I feel very proud,” he said yesterday in a telephone interview as the march approached Hyde Park. Asked why he elected to travel back to London rather than attending the march in Palma he said “I am British and I wanted to show that I am completely against the British Prime Minister's stance on Iraq. Many of the people I have spoken to and all the speechs which are being made say that Blair should go.” Asked why he felt so strongly about the issue he said “I think Blair is Bush's puppet and Bush is behaving like a bully and an emperialist. It is disgraceful.” Police said the mood of the march was good-natured and there had been no incidents. Lending a truly British tone to the London march, one placard read: “Make Tea Not War”. Police said 25'000 demonstrated peacefully outside the Labour Party conference in Glasgow.