Palma.—An architect and three senior members of Palma's fire brigade yesterday inspected the scene of Friday's accident in which four fire fighters were injured while battling a blaze in a windmill in Coll den Rebassa.

The inspectors have confirmed that the recently reformed first floor was in good order as were the supporting iron girders.
Ladder gave way
However, it does appear that a part of the ladder up to the first and second floors was faulty and it was that which gave way as fire fighters climbed up to make sure that there was no one trapped inside.

As soon as the ladder gave way, two fire fighters crashed back down to earth landing on their colleagues along with parts of the broken ladder.
There was initial chaos at the scene because of the lack of visibility inside the burning windmill but emergency staff were able to quickly assist the four injured fire fighters who were all rushed to hospital.

Initially, only one of the fire fighters was thought to have been seriously injured but it appears that another needed to be operated on yesterday for two fractured vertebrae and is expected to be off work for at least two months.

Another suffered a fractured hand.
One of the injured fire men was however discharged yesterday and was at home with his family last night.
Yesterday, the Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, visited the fire fighters in hospital and praised them for their bravery.