THE Guardia Civil discovered 25 over the limit drivers on the roads over the weekend, when 25 breathalyser tests were confirmed as positive in the Balearic Islands , the majority of these were in Majorca (16), then Minorca (6) and Ibiza (3), according to a spokesperson from the Guardia Civil. In addition, there were 34 road accidents that took place between Friday and Sunday where the police had to intervene. Only two people were seriously hurt and six had slight injuries. Fourteen of these accidents happened on Friday, twelve on Saturday and the remaining eight on Sunday.
Over this weekend seventeen people were arrested; 3 for driving crimes, 9 for robbing homes, 1 for harming people and 4 for other crimes.
Furthermore, the spokesperson from the Guardia Civil said yesterday that the three people arrested last week at Palma airport for allegedly having digested drugs, were found guilty at the weekend. The three, with the initials M.K. 26 years old, J.N. 34 years old and I.P.M.C. 23 years old, were taken to Son Dureta Hospital where the drugs finally came out of their bodies. In total the three had hidden 800, 1'070 and 1'150 grammes of hachis in their bodies. At the airport the Guardia Civil informed them that they all needed to be subjected to an x-ray to discover if they were hiding drugs, two of them accepted. The third refused to have an x-ray, but was arrested also as there was “enough evidence” that he was trying to hide drugs that he had swollen.
During the weekend a man with the initials R.L. who is 24 years old, was arrested in Inca as the alleged author of various crimes (injury, burglary and damage) after he had had an argument with his flatmate. In Ibiza in the area of Jesús, a youth who is 19 years old, was arrested for allegedly stealing items from a shop up to the value of 1'400 euros.
Whilst in Sant Antoni on the same island, a person, 24 years old, was arrested for presumably stealing a bag that contained 1'200 euros. In other crime related cases in the Balearic Islands over the weekend, the Guardia Civil arrested four men who are aged between 34 and 43 years old for domestic violence crimes in Andratx and Sant Antoni.