Joan Collins PALMA city council will start the improvements to the pavement in the Borne at the end of this month, which will take three months to complete. This will be the first of a long list of works affecting the Plaza Juan Carlos, the Plaza de la Reina, Antoni Maura and the Borne. The new paving will be similar to that in the Calle Constitución: the pavements will be constructed of regular cut limestone and the roads will have flagstones. “We are starting with the pavement which joins Jaime III with the Borne. It will be widened a little (50-60 centimetres)” said Jeroni Saiz, general coordinator of Palma council's Infrastructures department. “There will still be two lanes and the taxi rank will stay,” he added All the pavement of the Borne will be dug up to put the stones in place and give it an aesthetic look. “It is expected that around April we will begin work on the road,” Saiz claimed. “At that time we will divert traffic but we will inform everyone in good time. “Traffic will not be affected by the works which are starting at the end of this month, although perhaps it will be a little more inconvenient when we put the kerbs in place,” added Saiz. The entire remodelling of the Borne and of the Avenida Antoni Maura will be finished in December. After changing the paving in the Borne the council will go on to change the road in Plaza Juan Carlos and Plaza de la Reina. The residential development in Antoni Maura, which will cost 3 million euros, will also be started in the next few weeks and will be finished in November. It is expected that this will coincide with the end of the construction work on the underground car park. After all the work has been completed “the bendy buses won't be able to go into the Borne from Jaime III or Unión,” explained Carlos Veramendi, councillor for Transport. “Only the tourist bus and the line 2 buses, which run through the historic centre, will be able to go there,” he said.