JUNIOR Carnival time was celebrated in Palma and the outlying areas of Majorca yesterday, prior to the major parades which are being held today.
Making costumes and masks, and dressing up for public parades is taken very seriously by local people during carnival time and there are prizes given for the ingenuity and originality of creations. The families of children have been busy at home weeks prior to carnival, helping co-ordinate disguises and accessories.

Schools chose individual themes such as “The World of Film” selected by Sant Josep Obrer and Corpus Christi college in Palma. Around 800 pupils flooded Calle Reyes Católicos sporting costumes representing characters from Mary Poppins, King Kong, Merlin, Asterix and Obelix and Peter Pan.

The 230 pupils of Sagrado Corazon infant school opted to dress up as games with children cleverly disguised as chess pieces, footballs, puzzles and dominoes.

Meanwhile, for its 34th year, Playa de Palma's carnival was not to be outdone. Yesterday there were over a thousand participants, 16 floats, 23 music and dance groups, more than 20 horses and organised groups parading in magnificent disguises.

The event in the tourist resort is supported by the local tourist businesses and hoteliers association.