SPAIN'S Public Works' Minister, Jose Blanco said yesterday that he was “in favour” of introducing new high-tech security at airports, including “complete” body scanners.

On a visit to the Maritime Rescue vessel Don Inda, Blanco said that security checks would become much more “comfortable for passengers with the full body scanners as there wouldn't be the need to take off outer clothing and shoes as exists at present.

The Minister also said that the measure would guarantee the security of the passengers as well as respecting his or her “privacy.” Blanco said he felt confident that ministerial representatives from other European Members States would come to an agreement over the issue whilst Spain still held the 6-month rotating presidency.

EU Transport Commissioner, Siim Kallas, said that the European Commission will present a report in April on the use of full body scanners so that the member states could agree bylaws governing their use by the time the Transport Board met in June.

Blanco said he remained “optimistic” that representatives of EU countries could reach a consensus on the issue and adopt a common strategy for the introduction of the scanners. “What I want to see,” he added is for Europe to become the strongest continent in the world in terms of airport security.