PALMA firemen will inspect the highest buildings in the city, to try and prevent a fire similar to the one which destroyed the Torre Windsor in Madrid over the weekend. This was announced yesterday by fire chief Manuel Nieto.
Members of the city council will have a meeting with the firemen tomorrow in order to draw up a plan of action, designed to prevent fire risks in “potentially dangerous places”. However, Nieto ruled out the possibility of a fire similar to that which converted the Torre Windsor, the eighth highest building of Madrid, into a towering inferno. Nieto said that the type of buildings in Palma was completely different to the Windsor because they are a mixture of flats and offices.
He also added that the tallest buildings in Palma are barely half as high as the Windsor, which had 32 storeys.
Nieto went on to say that all the buildings in Palma had adequate fire measures, although in a few cases, the safety regulations were not complete.
However, this situation will be remedied with a refurbishment plan.