By Ian Morrison THERE were no matches in the Calvia Quiz League last Sunday with all teams enjoying a romantic Valentine's night off. However, it is back to normal this coming weekend when battles recommence.

The Crown need just one point from their match at Es Trinxet, who are now playing out of Falco Bar in Son Ferrer, to clinch their third League title in four years.

Whilst it is hard to see The Crown not winning the title, the race for second place is certainly an interesting one.
With two games remaining Zanzi's Bays, Roosters and Canto Bar can all take the other trophy position and with Roosters and the Bays playing each other this week, and with Canto Bar entertaining bottom placed Leapy's Bar, then it looks like the runners-up spot will not be resolved until the final game of the season.

Mind you, who knows what can happen now that Leapy's have that first win under their belt – that's assuming they have sobered up from the celebrations of two weeks ago.

A reminder to all teams that tickets will be distributed during this Sunday's matches for Finals Night at the Grand Buffett, Siglo XXI, which is on Saturday 4 March.