By Humphrey Carter

A young man arrested as a result of a joint Guardia Civil and National Police operation for four armed robberies at banks on the island, needed the money to help pay for the reformation of a property in Felanitx.

The 23-year-old, identified only as Jose E.M., lived a double life.
He was studying at an academy in Palma and working in the service sector but, according to police chiefs yesterday, still needed the extra cash for his property reformation.

Yesterday, National Police spokesperson, Janka Jurkiewicz and Guardia Civil captain, Paco Molina, gave a press briefing about the joint security operation and the armed robberies.

It appears that Jose carried out his first bank job on the mainland in April of last year and escaped with 12'000 euros.
Than, on July 21, last year, he robbed a Banco Santander branch in Sineu, stealing 14.488 euros.
Two months later, in September, the young man robbed a Palma branch of the Banca March of 3'000 euros.
He then apparently went to ground, continuing his studying and part time job - not even his flat mate knew what he was getting up in his spare time.
However, on January 7, Jose returned to action and targeted a Caja Madrid branch in Inca, but the robbery failed and he fled empty handed.
Frustrated and apparently needing more money, he struck again on February 8 and robbed 6'000 euros from a Santander branch on the Valldemossa Road. The Colt pistol Jose used was found at his flat in Cala Major along with an electric stun gun, thick gloves , electrical goods and thousands of euros in cash.

The 23-year-old, whose mother and sister live in Porto Colom and apparently knew of his double life of robbing banks, is now in Palma prison awaiting trial.