A wave of Atlantic weather fronts have brought an end to the glorious weather we have been enjoying for the past few weeks yesterday morning.
Between 10am and 1pm, torrential rain fell across the island with 19 litres of rain per square metre recorded in the Serra d'Alfabia, 15 litres in Campos, 12 litres in the Port of Pollensa, 12 litres in Lluc and 10 in Palma.

A burst of extremely heavy rain also fell on Palma airport where five litres of rain per square metres fell in just five minutes.
At least conditions dried up yesterday afternoon but further outbreaks of torrential rain are expected this evening and over night.
Agustin Jansa, the Director of the Balearic Meteorological centre said that the sudden snap in the weather was forecast but no weather alerts are planned for the time being.

Conditions were also rather cooler yesterday.
According to Jansa, maximum temperatures fell by between 1.5ºC and 5ºC while minimum temperatures were between 3ºC and 4ºC lower than they have been over the past few weeks.

Showers and isolated heavy outbreaks of rain will linger for the next few days but conditions are forecast to improve significantly as we near the weekend.