Palma.—Just when everybody has just about had enough of the snow of freezing temperatures, the met. office announced yesterday that the Siberian front which has been gripping the Balearics for the best part of the past two weeks, will begin moving away today.

The heavy snow over the weekend left six roads in the mountains closed yesterday, but Angel Rivera, spokesperson for the national gave his assurances yesterday that as of tomorrow, the sun will return and conditions will be considerably warmer and drier.

In fact, some of the weekend, the day time maximum temperatures in the Balearics will be up to 15ºC or more, however, over night, the minimum temperatures are going to continue to be a little chilly.

The wind will continue blowing from the north and north east, but Rivera said that it will be a much warmer wind and that is what is going to gradually push temperatures up in the Balearics as the week develops.

And, for the short term, weather conditions are forecast to remain stable after Palma, where it tried to snow again yesterday morning, suffered its heaviest snow fall for 50 years and many parts of the island were still dusted in snow yesterday.

Yellow alert
Today, we remain on level one yellow alert for cold temperatures but the highs will reach 10ºC, slightly warmer than yesterday's maximum of 8ºC.